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Ellement Wine & Spirits

Ellement Wine + Spirits .
September 12, 2017 | Life & Atmosphere | Ellement Wine + Spirits .

taylor - a familiar face


Stepping into the Ellement Wine + Spirits shop you may be greeted by a warm smile from behind the counter or you might even spot a little golden bun popping in and out from behind neatly arranged bottles. This is Taylor Archibald – a familiar face in the culinary and beverage scene in Winnipeg, now busy acting as the General Manager at Ellement Wine + Spirits. 

If you happen to catch him at the shop, at a moment when he is not bustling around the city on his motorcycle from restaurant to restaurant – he will not hesitate to share his interest and knowledge of wine, both old and new, in his always casual, articulate, and open way. There is a sense, as you listen, that any slight pretension we often associate with the world of wine is lifted, and you are greeted with a curious story about a time and place – specifically when he is speaking of the relatively new world of naturally-minded wines. Let him guide you through a series of must-try labels and you won't leave with a long list of tasting notes to recall as you experience the bottle on your own. Instead, you will leave with an understanding of a context – a family, the character of a landscape, the temperment of the climate – those are the notes and details that will linger in your mind as you enjoy the bottle.  


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