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We have a full expanse of provisions to enjoy with your wine and spirits. Our provisions have been carefully selected and we are sure you will enjoy them.

Local Artisans

Sweet & umami, this Black Garlic & Honey Spread made exclusively for us by Paste creator Renée Girard. It pairs perfectly drizzled over goat's milk cheeses, grilled meats, and alongside orange wines. 

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SKU: Black Garlic Honey

Hand-harvested in the low-tides of the Mediterranean, these razor clams have a meaty texture and fresh, saline taste. Great as part of a tapas spread!

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/ 115g
SKU: Brujula Razor Clam

Croatian-caught tuna filets packed in olive oil.

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SKU: Tuna in Olive Oil

Crispy, snappy, flatbreak-style crackers. 

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SKU: La Panzanella Croccantini
Charcuterie and Cheeseboard Essentials

Black olive tapenade from Abruzzo, flavoured with lemon and thyme.

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/ 180g
SKU: Favuzzi Tapenade

Sweet, savoury and delicious on all of your favourite cheeses. Particularly good with aged cheddars - try it on a grilled cheese sandwich!

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SKU: Red Onion Jam

Tomato confit made in Italy with semi-sundried tomatoes.

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SKU: Candied Tomatoes

Marmalade made from organic Sicilian mandarin oranges and their peels. 

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/ 266ml
SKU: Favuzzi Mandarin Orange Marm

Green olives with truffle in oil, made in Italy

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SKU: Truffle Olives

Red Leicester is cheddar's earthier, nuttier cousin. Pair it with light bodied reds, ciders or a port and tonic.

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/ 200g
SKU: Red Fox