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Bittered Sling Aromatic Bitters - Black Box

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A pack of 6 x 30ml bottles of craft bitters, developed by sommelier Lauren Mote and chef Jonathan Chovancek. Handcrafted in British Columbia, these small-batch bitters will elevate your favourite cocktails.

The 6 flavours in this box include:

Grapefruit & Hops - bright grapefruit peel, hops flowers, Asian peppercorns, bitter cinchona bark

Plum & Rootbeer - warm spices, dried plums, balanced richness

Malagasy Chocolate - cacao beans, lavender, oak barrel, allspice, chicory, citrus peel, rolled cigar.

Lem-Marrakech - lemon peels, Moroccan spices, bitter chichona bark

Moondog - aromatic chiles, lime leaves, oregano, smoked pepper

Kensington - aromatic bitters with classic notes of spice, herbs, bark and roots