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Bittered Sling Aromatic Bitters - White Box

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A pack of 6 x 30ml bottles of craft bitters, developed by sommelier Lauren Mote and chef Jonathan Chovancek. Handcrafted in British Columbia, these small-batch bitters will elevate your favourite cocktails.

The 6 flavours in this box include:

Orange & Juniper - Bright orange peels, turmeric, juniper, green cardamom, chinchona

Clingstone Peach - Toasted black peppercorn, cardamom, almonds, peaches

Western Haskap - tart berries, cacao, anise, licorice

Cascade Celery - herbaceous, savoury celery, chamomile, green herbs, angelica

Suius Cherry - gentian, caraway, American oak, cherries, anise

Arabica Coffee - roasted coffee beans, spice, herbs, slightly sweet and smoky notes, berries, citrus